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Re: Klingon WOTD: ngong (v)

>Klingon word:   ngong
>Part of Speech: verb
>Definition:     experiment

As used in canon:

   ngongmeH wa' DujDaq nuHmey nISbe'bogh So'wI' jomlu'pu'
   [A cloaking device which didn't disrupt weaponry was installed on
    one experimental ship. (untranslated on card)] S33

See the homophonous noun {ngong} "experiment".  Related verbs include {waH} 
"taste, try out (food)":

   "{waH} means 'try out, use (experimentally)' and it is also the word used
    for 'taste' in the sense of trying out food to see if it's prepared 
    or to find out if you like it." (st.klingon 7/97)

{chov} "assess, evaluate, test":

   luchovmeH 'oy'naQmey lo'
   [Warriors] who test him with painstiks. S9

   tlhIngan wo' yuQmey chovlu'chugh Qo'noS potlh law' Hoch potlh puS.
   The principal planet of the Klingon Empire, Qo'noS... S27

{tob} "test conclusively":

   logh veQDaq bachchugh, yoH 'e' toblaHbe' SuvwI'.
   Shooting space garbage is no test of a warrior's mettle. (MO ST5 notes)

   SuvwI' qa' patlh veb chavlaHmeH tlhIngan lo'chu' chaH.  toDujDaj toblu'
   [They] use the devices [painstiks] to inflict pain in a manner which will
   allow the Klingon to attain a higher state of spirituality as a warrior,
   proving his mettle. S32

and {Daj} "test inconclusively":

   vaj toDuj Daj ngeHbej DI vI'.
   Shooting space garbage is no test of a warrior's mettle.
   ["Sharpshooting of the cosmos' litter inconclusively tests a warrior's
    courage."] ST5/TKW

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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