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Re: What does the numbers in the stardate stand for?

ja' Krankor:
>...In this case we're talking about the-custom-thingy-that-
>gets-automatically-appended-to-email, which is commonly called a
>"signature", but which is not the same as what you write when you
>write a check to someone.  I simply don't think we have a Klingon
>word for such a thing, anymore than we have Klingon words for other
>email-specific terms, like "cc" or "MIME" or "dead.letter".

We have Klingon words for "message" and "area beneath", making it easy to
describe an email .signature as something like {bIng QInHom} in appropriate
context.  If that's what you want to say, anyway.

>rorqu' ghaH.  'ar ror?  QammeH pIvchem chenmoHwI' lo'nIS ghaH!
>"He's very fat.  How fat?  In order to stand up, he has to use a
> warp field generator!"

One dust-speck-sized vocabulary nit:  given the existence of the phrase
{HoS lIngwI'} for "generator", I'd have used {pIvchem lIngwI'} instead of
{pIvchem chenmoHwI'}.  More canonically, the Bird of Prey poster has a
label for {pIvghor lIngwI'} "Warp Generator", though it's referring to a
warp drive rather than just any old warp field.

One Gibraltar-sized grammar nit:  I don't believe there's ANY justification
for using {'ar} adverbially the way you did.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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