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Re: help with "Floreat Majestas"

> > Can I give to an inanimate object?
> > e.g. "I give money to the Collection"
> I would say yes, especially given the way that indirect objects work
> in Klingon. 

All of this advice is correct, but beginners may understand it better if they 
are reminded that in the Addendum, Okrand reveals that {-vaD} is used to mark 
indirect objects, and not just beneficiaries. SoHvaD tar vInob. You don't have 
to benefit from the action to be its indirect object, but you'd still use {-
vaD}. This should take care of your concern about inanimate objects, which I'm 
assuming you worry about because they can't benefit from actions the way living 
beings can.

> Because I'm at my parents' house and lack my dictionary,
> I'm not sure off the top of my head what to use for "Collection", but
> grammatically the sentence would come out:
> "Collection"vaD Huch vInob.
> Since this literally means "I give money for the benefit of the Collection",
> I see no problem here.  I don't know that we know the answer for absolute
> positive, but, lacking any other data, I think that if a day can "have"
> secrets, then you can give to a Collection.
> 	--Krankor


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