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Re: question about Quj

> Just a small thing I wonder about: what's the difference between Quj vIreH 
> and jIQuj? And how to say "I play games", that is, plural? Only Qujmey 
> vIreH can be used?
> Thanks.
> Dum`er

Quj vIreH is just wrong.  You would say Quj vIQuj.  Or, of course, you
could just say jIQuj, since Quj vIQuj is, I suppose, a little redundant.
"I play games" would be Qujmey vIQuj.  reH is "play" in the sense of "play"
as opposed to "work".  For instance, I was once describing my family's new
dog, and said that her attitude always said:  Ha', yIreH!  jIreH vIneH!

Also, as a side comment, one also does not reH musical instruments.  In
this case, the verb is chu'.


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