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Re: QaghHom

As it turns out, I am able to have some internet connection while at my
folks.  Hurrah.

In this instance, the intended meaning of QaghHommey was quite definitely
"minor errors".  Again, the -Hom is diminishing the *importance* of the
error, not the size per se.  But "boo boos" is not really what I was going
for.  The point was, I took it as read that any *significant* errors would
certainly be pointed out.  The question was about the minor ones, and it
was based on my not really knowing marqoS's skill level.  I would not
correct minor errors from someone like, say, charghwI', who I know to know
the right rules, and for whom such small gaffes would just constitute an
oversight or typo.  He would not learn anything from it, it would just be
nagging.  So I really did put the -Hom on there to carry semantic meaning,
not just to be cutesy or polite (which is more what "boo boos" conveys).
Had I written the note in English, "minor errors" is certainly what I would've
said, and I think QaghHommey captures that perfectly.


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