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I'm the newbie

Hello, everyone!

First let me introduce myself: I'm a 24 yr old student of physics. I'm 
married for 4 yrs now and I live in good ole Germany together with my 
wife. I have been studying Klingon before but without much success. Som 
weeks before my interest has relighted and this can be thought of as my 
second attempt to get the whole thing up and running!
You might kindly notice that English is a second language for me, so 
don't be too strict with me if I make any errors - although any kind of 
correction is deeply appreciated.

As my first posting I would like to take that discussion about the usage 
of more than one -be' or -'e' with one word.
Anyone who has studies Latin will know the stylistic tool of the double 
negation. It is not so prominent in English I believe. The double 
negation normaly will be interpreted as a stronger form of saying yes:

jIQoch - I agree
jIQoch'be - I disagree
jiQoch'be'be could be a respond to the someone saying:"Well, I have the 
feeling you disagree!"
One would respond: "No, no, I don't disagree" which is stronger that 
just saying "I agree".

I hope that one has not been posted before!

Hope to have a great time with all of you!

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