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Re: KLBC: {-be'}

From: "Rohan Fenwick" <>
> jatlh DloraH:
> >HIja'.  Yes.
> >MO has not used this yet, but he has not told us we couldn't.
> <<'e'>>mey law' rur'a'?
> Like nested <<'e'>>? :)

Yeah.  We have to walk a fine line when studying Klingon.  On the one hand,
there's the temptation to say, "Anything that Marc Okrand doesn't say we
can't do, is allowed!"  That way chaos lies.  There comes a point where we
need SOME concensus on what works and what doesn't.  On the other hand, you
might be tempted to say, "You can ONLY do what Marc Okrand has explained or
done."  But there's so much that hasn't been explained or exemplified that
we'd hardly be able to say anything.

When asking questions like, "Can I use multiple /-be'/ in a single word?"
don't expect an absolute answer one way or the other.  It's not a "yes,"
it's not a "no," it's a "we don't know for sure, but here's what careful
study and extrapolation lead us to believe."  If you get an absolute answer
anyway, ask for the reason: someone might be giving you their opinion, not
an established fact.  Just be clear on what's what.

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