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Re: "Written by Massimiliano Benini (Tremal-Naik)" (Grammar KLBC)

From: "DloraH" <>

> > HIQum QujHommeyqoqlI' vIneHbejtaHmo'
> *HIQum "communicate me".  Qum is "communicate", not "communicate with".
> One option is rI' "hail".  HIrI' "hail me".

On the other hand, I see no reason why the prefix trick doesn't apply here.
We know that /jIHvaD bIjatlh/ = /qajatlh/, and we know that the prefix trick
works with imperatives (/ro'qegh 'Iwchab HInob/), so why not here too?

jIHvaD yIQum!

(I don't LIKE the prefix trick, but it's a reality . . . .)

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