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Re: hello

For a complete vocabulary list you need "The Klingon Dictionary" (TKD),
"Klingon for the Galactic Traveler" (KGT), and the "New Words List" which is
available at the KLI's website ( /tlh/newwords.html ).
Don't forget about the Addendum at the back of the dictionary; that makes
four places you would need to search for words.

There are 2 versions of The Klingon Dictionary.
The first had a plain blue cover with no photo and does NOT have the addendum at the back.  The newer version has a white cover with a blueish photograph of 3 Klingons on the front.  That will be the one you want.   I did not know this bit of info when I first started, and just by chance I found the TDK with the addendum.
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