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Re: KLBC: Higher numbers

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From: "David Trimboli" <>
> I think Maltz is playing a practical joke on Okrand.
[--snipped--]  That's not linguistics, that's physics.
> Yes, I don't usually convert between centimeters
> and kilometers, but I CAN.  I can also convert
> between inches and miles.  And we CAN express
> fractional distances in Klingon, at a variety of scales.

Just a comment but although I agree any linear measure must be able to
convert into another and you quote cm to M and inches to miles but I would
imagine that most people if given inches would convert to Miles rather than

Perhaps that's what he means (joke or not) that one is from a different
measure system than the other and Klingons just don't compare the two.


> SuStel


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