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Re: jIH vIchuHlu' - Words mentioned earlier but not in the

I've been reading and learning from this list for several months now 
(tughojmoHmeH Satlho').  As I've been learning more about how important Mark 
Okrand is to the language, a question has been floating in my mind for some 
time now.

How will we get new words if something (and I hope it doesn't) happens to MO? 

I'd don't think there is an answer to it, and it's a "we will deal with it 
when it happens" type thing (but since I'm very much a "newbie" maybe there 
is a plan and I just don't know).  

I have been hesitant to ask because I have the feeling some might take this 
as tlhIngan Hol "heresy," but the topic of authority that Will brought up in 
this thread gives me an excuse to ask.


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