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Re: a word is needed?

> borrowing from "You are cordually invited"
> Centuriea ago the Klingons threw out their old gods.
> turns into (i hope)
> vatlhmey DIS pH [god]pu' ngo' woDta' tlhInganpu'
> i was unable to the word for god in TKD, KGT or TKW

Check out the word {ben} to replace {DIS}. Also note that it is probably 
controversial to put the noun suffix {-mey} on a number, since numbers are not 
nouns, but are instead chuvmey. I don't think we've seen plural suffixes on 
numbers anywhere in canon.
As for "gods", you should try the New Words list at:


This is the place where words from all Okrand sources other than TKD and KGT 
are gathered together. In particular, the word you want is:

(n) god, supernatural being [NEWS] 

Okrand sent this word to us back when he was participating in an MSN news list 
a few years ago. The entire text of the post he sent was:



There is a Klingon word that could be translated "god" or "supernatural being": 

In talking of times long ago (pre-Kahless?), Klingons mention these beings, and 
there seem to have been a good number of them (the plural of <Qun> is <Qunpu'> 
since they are or were presumably capable of using language, which is what the 
plural suffix <-pu'> implies). Though too little is known of ancient Klingon 
theology, there doesn't seem to have been a single <Qun> that stood out from 
the rest. Indeed, the <Qunpu'> appear to have acted collectively.

<Qunpu'> are distinct from <qa'pu'> "spirits" (such as the spirits of the 
dishonored dead which reside at Gre'thor).

<Qun'a'> "great god" (<Qun> plus <-'a'>, the augmentative suffix) may or may 
not be an appropriate translation for a single supernatural being in a 
monotheistic system, since the <Qun'a'> would still be one among many. 


I hope this helps.


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