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Re: charghwI' tlhoghtay


>charghwI', SaHoy' SoH be'nallI' je.

I sent this last night shortly before going to bed.  ABout an hour and a 
half ago, I woke up unexpectedly.  As I lay in bed unsuccessfully trying to 
go back to sleep, it hit me that this is wrong.  I initially had just 
<<charghwI', SaHoy'>>, but I thought it was odd to address a single perosn 
but use a plural prefix, so I add a clarification.  Apparently, my tired 
brain stuck it on the right side because there was already a noun on the 
left side.  It should be:

charghwI', SoH be'nallI' je SaHoy'.

Or, since it was an afterthought anyway:

charghwI', SaHoy' (SoH be'nallI' je).

At least one good thing has come out of not being able to go back to sleep:  
I was able to correct myself and at least save a little face (unless someone 
posts as I write this).


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