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Re: lu- (was Re: [KLBC] -lu' and -ghach)

ja' DloraH:

> puqpu' lutu'lu' - there are children / children are found
> Who is the one that finds the children?  We don't care.  Our attention is on
> the children; we don't care who or what made the observation.  Indefinite
> subject.

Whatever happened to {tu'lu'} being the exception to adding {lu-}?  Captain
Krankor discussed it in "From the Grammarian's Desk" in HolQeD volume 7, number
3.  That was 3 and a half years ago.  Has new information come to us regarding
that since then?   Rather than re-type his words here I would ask you to refer
to it and get back to me.


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