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[Fwd: [kli-announce] KLI-ANNOUNCE for June 2002]

(Sorry; this was supposed to go out to this group as part of the 
kli-announce list, but things didn't work as expected.  I'll try to fix 



KLI Announce is an irregular mailing that goes out to subsribers and to the
tlhIngan-Hol online discussion list. It contains updates and other news and
information useful to KLI members and others interested in the Klingon
language. If you're not already subscribed, visit
/stuff/subscribe.html and sign up.

**qep'a' HutDIch**

The ninth annual conference of the KLI is coming up in little more than a
month. If you're still planning to attend but haven't yet sent in your
registration please don't delay. The last day for registration is July
15th. However, if you want to stay at the conference hotel, the *DEADLINE*
to make your reservation is June 30th (otherwise you are not guaranteed the
conference rate).

If you can't attend, consider purchasing a Supporting membership. This
helps promote the KLI, and entitles you to this year's conference t-shirt.

You can register for the qep'a' through our merchant page.

**supporting membership**

Even if you can't attend qep'a' HutDIch, you can still get the t-shirt. All
it takes is a supporting membership.


The KLI's online MUSH is back. Attendance is still sparse, and the
landscape is fairly plain, but both are expected to change as little by
little, more Klingon speakers opt to hang out there. Connect to,
port 2218 with a telnet program or MUSH client.

**KLI Email Addresses**

Long overdue, we've finally given out email addresses to many current and
past grammarians, as well as project coordinators. You can now contact them
using the following addresses:

Lawrence Schoen, KLI Director <>
Mark Shoulson, KLI Assistant Director <>
Captain Krankor, Grammarian <>
Will Martin, Beginners Grammarian <>
Alan Anderson, Beginners Grammarian <>
Roger Cheesbro, Beginners Grammarian <>
Eric Andeen, Beginners Grammarian <>
Robyn Stewart, Beginners Grammarian <>
David Trimboli, Beginners Grammarian <>
Tad Stauffer, Beginners Grammarian <>

Project Klingon Poe <>
Postal Course <>
qepHommey <>
Letters to HolQeD <>

**KLI Affiliate Programs**

As more and more people are doing their shopping online, we've signed up
with several organizations that provide a small kickback to nonprofit
organizations like us. Now you can help the KLI just by buying the same
things you'de normally buy online. All you have to do is visit our website
first, and follow the apporiate link. So, next time you want to buy a book
or a PDA or almost anything else, check out
/kli/affiliate.html and you'll be making a contribution
to help the KLI. And it won't cost you a cent.


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