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RE: word-question

DloraH wrote:
> > i'd like to know, how do you say "stalker" in klingon?
>In what context?  How is it being used?

Depending on the context consider the verbs {tlha'} "chase, follow"; 
{ghoch} "track, track down"; {nej} "look for, seek, search for"; {Sam} 
"locate, seek, find" and {So'} "hide, conceal".

I suppose {tlha'wI'} "one who chases/follows/pursues" would probably be the 
most general.  Of course, Klingons might well call such a person a {wamwI'} 
"hunter".  <g>  If so, there's a nice proverb from The Klingon Way which 
would then be a double-entendre if you're talking about {parmaq}, the 
Klingon word for "love, romance" but "with more aggressive overtones":

   QotDI' gheD tlhejbe' wamwI'
   The hunter does not lie down with the prey.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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