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Re: adverbials with -Ha'

>Thus, choosing "ever" over "not ever" is a matter of English style, not 

Will you *ever* change your mind? :)

"Ever" is not always accompanied by "not", and it's those cases that I'm 
talking about, where it means something more along the lines of "some time, 
any time". After all, we have that for position -- vogh. I dunno. There 
doesn't seem to be an implicit "ever" in perfective aspect. Daleghpu''a', 
"Have you seen him?" is probably closer to, "Have you seen him just now?" 
Since it's tense-neutral, it's also "Had you seen him just then?" "Will you 
have seen him just then?" This is what perfective aspect generally conveys in 
a language. Backfitting it with English perfect tense so that it can imply 
the indefinite time conveyed by "ever" is a stretch I'm personally not 
willing to make. Having said that, I still think a temporal counterpart to 
vogh would be beneficial. (Déja vu.. I think I talked about this before. :)

But like I said, that may be a lone wish. I actually don't find the meaning 
of DloraH's ??DaHHa' to be extremely obvious. "Any time other than now"? 
"Earlier or later or both"?

Finally, do adverbials ever take any suffix at all besides -Ha'?

Andrew Strader

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