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Re: Headers. Yet again.

ja' charghwI':

  > I suggest that you are miscounting. The rule you toute has two
  > exceptions. The rule I toute has two exceptions.... If I'm being
  > inaccurate about this, please let me know. I'm seeking accuracy
  > here.

  bIqarbe'. latlh le'wI' ghajlaw' SuStel nger: *DIp - Segh vagh - DIp*
  mu'ghomHom. DIp 'oH DIp'e' ja'law' SuStel. pab neH qellu'taHvIS, jaS
  Dabe' mojaq ghajbogh DIp'e'. vaj mu'ghomHomvam chaw'nISlu', qar'a'?

  qay'be'. reH chutvam vIpar 'ej bIvlaw'pu' MO'e'. chutvam qIllu' neHchugh
  Hoch, jIjIjqangbej.



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