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Re: learning words

ja' Elizabeth chin <>:
>Do you think I can order aa Klingon Learning book on e-Bay?

tlhIngan mu'tay' DaghojmeH, pa' paq lo'lu'pu'bogh Daje'laH.  ghaytan qarbe'
mu' "order".  'ach bIqapchugh, lI', qoj DuQaHlaH tlhIngan Hol
yejHaD.  SoHvaD SuqlaHbej je paq Suy Sum.

You can probably *buy* a used one at auction from someone on eBay.  If you
insist on "ordering" a new one, might have the best list prices,
or you can order through the KLI's Merchant page
(/stuff/Merchant.html) on the World Wide Web.  Some local
bookstores even have a copy of The Klingon Dictionary; if not, they can
certainly get one for you.  The FAQ for this discussion group gives the
ISBN for just about any Klingon reference books you'd want to buy.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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