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Re: yajmeH

>The only reason the sentences the message Alan wrote earlier contained were
>wrong is that native English speakers linguists language competency issues
>interest interview decide intuitively that they're wrong.

mu'tlheghvam mujatlhlu'chugh, jIQochHa'.  'ach vIlaDDI', vI"parse"laH.  
jIQupDI', paq law' vIlaD.  vaj, (motlh) Hol ghItlhlu'bogh muqaymoHbe'.  
mI'QeD(*) vIHaD je.  QubwI' "analytic" jIH.

wa' Hol tlhIbHa'ghach jInmolvaD neH jIjeS; jInmol ngoQ:  <Qagh nov jatlhwI'; 
chay' Sung jatlhwI' yajtaHghach luSigh Qaghvam?  pIj nov jatlhwI' ja'chugh 
Sung jatlhwI', chay' Sigh ghu'vam?>  Daj jInmolvam.

>Admittedly, simple always is safe; I just approach the problem from another

motlh tlhIngan Hol nap vIlo' 'e' vInID, 'ach Hol napHa' lo'lu'chugh, vIyaj 
'e' vInIDqu'.  tlhIngan HolwIj vIyaj; rut vIyajpa', qaS poH nI', 'ach vIyaj. 
  "English" Hol vIlaDDI', Dup rap vIlo'.

*mu' qar vISovbe' (mu'vam ghajbe' tlhIngan Hol 'e' vIHar); vaj, 
Dayajbe'chugh, muSovmoH 'ej jIQIj.

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