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Re: yajmeH

qon Sangqar:
>chaq jatlhlu'DI', tlhoy napHa'.  'ach ghitlhlu'DI', tlhoy napHa'be', 
>jatlhlu'chu'chugh.  mu'tlhegh wejDIch vIyajpu' jIH.

maj. vaj nIvqu' yablIj. 

The only reason the sentences the message Alan wrote earlier contained were
wrong is that native English speakers linguists language competency issues
interest interview decide intuitively that they're wrong. Anyway, native
speaker judgment is what really defines grammaticality for a language, and
you're right to demonstrate that I don't know any better than any other
human what good Klingon is. I'm also at the mercy of Okrand's description.
Admittedly, simple always is safe; I just approach the problem from another

--Andrew Strader

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