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Re: Headers. Yet again.

> It's certainly my last gasp at trying to explain my perspective. I'm sure 
> that's delightful news to the masses, since I do realize that since I'm
> the ONLY person on this side of the argument,

I'm not against you; I'm still trying to figure out why there IS an argument.  
I understand what's being said, I just don't know why.

One side says "If a coin is a penny, it's less than five cents."
The other side says "If a coin is less than five cents, it must be a penny."

Until the government starts making a two-cent piece, this will be true.  Sure 
the gov could do this someday...

Well, for that matter, how about the phrase "what goes up must come down"?  I'm 
still waiting for those Voyager satellites to come back.  I guess that 
descriptive rule of gravity is no longer valid.  So why do they still teach it?
OK, so we have an exception; so how about "what goes up usually comes down"?  
So if something comes down it must have gone up, right?  No, wait, it could 
have been a meteor.  Ok, so that direction has an exception also; "what comes 
down usually had gone up." ...

Hmm, if I read this agrument right I guess I'm more on charghwI''s side.

Am I missing something here?  Everyone is describing the same thing.

One says [The water is cold].  The other disagrees and says [bIr bIQ].
Same IDEA, different ways of saying it.

> Krankor thinks people only wear flip flops on the beach and wants
> canon examples of somebody walking on the pavement in flipflops. 

Huh?  I always thought Krankor himself was one of those that was wearing flip-
flops on the pavement.  I can't keep track of you guys.

Somebody give me a stungun; where's Maltz!


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