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Re: what is canon

ja' Andrew Strader <>:
>...How do we know that Krankor remembers correctly what Okrand said?

In this case, we know because Krankor wasn't reporting what Okrand said to
him in casual conversation.  Indeed, it's quite likely that Krankor and
Okrand had never even spoken about the topic.  Krankor's comments in HolQeD
3:4 were in response to an interview with Marc Okrand printed in HolQeD 3:3.

I looked at the relevant interview and Grammarian's Desk column.  I believe
charghwI' is misinterpreting Krankor's complaint, and misapplying that
complaint to what Okrand really said.  As I read it, the "restrictions" are
basically clarifications about the use and interpretation of the
nominalizing Type 9 verb suffix {-ghach}, and Krankor merely mentioned an
earlier hypothetical {law'/puS} phrase in order to gripe about how the
restrictions made it "impossible" to say certain things.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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