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Re: the banned book (was: Re: klingon letters)

Deghnegh asks:

>I am not sure if this is correct but,  gatlh tuchwI paq. (Why is the Book 

   qatlh paq tuchlu'?
   Why is the book forbidden?

   qatlh paq lutuchpu' Paramount?
   Why did Paramount forbid the book?

The short answer is that Hetaq (the author) failed to ask Paramount's 
permission before he published and sold his book.  Paramount threatened to 
sue him for violation of their copyright - yes, the words "Star Trek" and 
"Klingon" are copyrighted here in the U.S.! - and Hetaq eventually agreed 
to withdraw the book from circulation rather than undergo lengthy and 
expensive litigation.  IIRC he thought that he would probably win at trial, 
but the lawsuit would surely have bankrupted him regardless of the verdict.

>I have a question about a word. It came from the banned book thread and 
>the word is hatbogh (Temprature born). Is there some other meaning for the 
>word bogh?  I dont understand.

Look in TKD again.  {Hatbogh} is not the noun {Hat} "temperature" plus the 
verb {bogh} "be born", but rather the verb {Hat} "be illegal" plus the 
relative clause marker suffix {-bogh}.  E.g.:

   Hat paq.
   The book is illegal.

   paq Hat
   the illegal book

   Hatbogh paq
   the book which is illegal, the book that is illegal

   paq HatmoHlu'bogh
   the banned book, the book which they have banned (made illegal)

There are many homonyms in Klingon, so you need to carefully check the 
glossaries and not stop at the first word or suffix which matches.  Note 
that the prefixes and suffixes attached to a word will tell you what part 
of speech it is, so don't overlook the "v." and "n." tags in identifying 
the proper word.  The good news is that, after a while, it becomes automatic.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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