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Re: Headers. Yet again.

>> jabbI'IDmeyvam ngoQ vIghochlaHbe'. [...]

>va!  SoQlIj vIlaD 'e' vInIDDI', qatlh mu'tlheghmeylIj Qatlh law' Hoch Qatlh
>puS?  qayajlaHbe'!  :-0

Do'Ha'. DIvI' Hol mu'tlheghmey'e' roD naDev luqonlu'bogh Qatlh law', tlhIngan 
Hol mu'tlheghmey vIqonta'bogh Qatlh puS. bIH yajlaHbej 'op latlhpu'. 
bIqeqqu'nIS. wej bI'um neH.

That's too bad. The Klingon sentences I wrote are less complex than the 
average English sentences posted here. I know there are others who understand 
my Klingon. You need to practice. You're just not good enough yet.

Andrew Strader

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