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lab Sangqar

 > how will it help my communication to use a language feature that I believe
 > is defensible from the point of view of Okrandian canon, when I know the
 > list is going to misinterpret it? That is my point.

lab SuStel

 > Then you should get the list to wake up and realize its mistake. Don't
 > perpetuate errors simply because you want to be understood in the current
 > moment.

There have been cases where everyone on the list was doing something the 
way everyone else on the list was, and one lone voice pointed out that it 
was wrong.  These were the voices of people who had learned Klingon very 
well, and who were backing up their arguments not with whining, intuition 
or examples from other languages but with TKD instructions, canon 
quotations, and patient reasoning.  It's not instantaneous, but when it 
happens a good number of people say "maybe you're right" and change their 

If you have a canon reason for writing something some way and "everyone" 
disagrees, defend yourself in canon.  Listen VERY carefully to arguments to 
the contrary, to ensure that you are right.  It's very important that there 
not be a tyranny of those habituated to list usage.  That's one of the 
reasons why I like self-taught newbies so much.

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