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qon peHruS:
>While I really like many of these, and am glad someone has been thinking 
>about translations of the Federation Standard terms until we get the "true" 
>tlhIngan Hol terms, I will comment on a few of the above.

"true" tlhIngan Hol terms?

tlhIngan Hol mu'ghom naQmoHpu' MO 'e' boloSlaH qaStaHvIS wa'vatlh DIS 'ach 
vaj DaHjaj Sulo'laHbe'chu'. law'qu' jay' tlhIngan mu'mey. tIlo'. nuq  
boloSlI'? reH mu'mey chennISmoHlu'. not naQ Sovmaj De'maj joq. pab 
teylu'taHvIS neH pagh ghojlu'.

Andrew Strader

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