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Re: hello

lab Christoph

 > Yes, you are right(of course) - I am just having problems starting a 
conversation without some sort of > greeting first. Not because of 
politeness, but simple because I would want to make sure the other
 > one pays attention. Well, I will have to learn.

If you're having trouble because of a cultural prohibition on speaking 
directly, yes, get over it.
If you're really concerned that you might not have the person's attention, 
you could say HIqIm!  or say the person's name.  I believe at qep'a' I 
sometimes punch someone in the shoulder or otherwise get their attention 
before speaking to them.  You can also take advantage of a buffer of about 
seven seconds where your brain keeps track of things you haven't been 
paying attention to.  That';s how you can answer a question that was asked 
when you weren't paying attention.  In an e-mail there is clearly no need 
for a greeting or attention gettign word of any kind, because if they are 
reading the e-mail, they're paying attention, by definition.

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