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Re: subjectless verbs (was: matlhHa'ghach)

qon SuStel:
>But does the sentence mean what you want it to mean?  You were apparently
>trying for "It had been a little difficult to tell the whole story."  But
>what you wrote, /lut naQ vIja'meH loQ Qatlhpu' [Qu']/, says to me, "For the
>purpose of telling the whole story, the task had been a little difficult."
>That is, some task had been difficult, and the purpose of this difficulty
>was for you to tell the whole story.  But the difficulty didn't have a

That's quite sensible. Thus considering, I guess it would be clearer to say 
"Qatlhpu' lut naQ vIja'meH Qu'."

Oh yeah, and forget what I said about using -'e' for disambiguating -meH 
clauses. Doing so would be fairly pointless, since the head of a -meH clause 
is always postposed. (TKD 6.2.4)

Andrew Strader

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