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Re: Headers. Yet again.

In a message dated 6/10/2002 7:42:16 PM Mountain Daylight Time, writes:

> > But, let's not forget that adverbials may, and so often do, and usually
> do,
> > come before these "headers."  So, if we are going to use this coining,
> let's
> > be sure to explain to students that even "type five noun suffix headers"
> may
> > not head the sentence.
> Incorrect again.  Adverbials do not automatically come before non-subject,
> non-object nouns.  Consider:
> DaHjaj nom Soppu'
> Today they ate quickly.  (TKD 179)

This sounds like you are deliberately trying to pick a fight.  I did consider 
cases when the adverbials do not come before the locatives (and other type 
5s); I stated that by "may, and so often do, and usually do."  If you insist 
on my admitting that there exists cases wherein the adverbial does not "head" 
the sentence, of course I admit it.

I am trying to point out that using words other than those used in TKD need 
to be used with students to clarify, expound, and illucidate rather than 
confuse.  Do not hide the true intent of my message.


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