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Re: [KLBC] SISpu'

In a message dated 5/16/2002 11:05:36 AM Mountain Daylight Time, writes:

> In my opinion, locatives are not subjects or
> objects.  They are "headers."
> Krankor has described the concept of another "case" of noun, the "header."
> I agree with him fully on this interpretation.  I do not believe that
> "locative" is an equal with "subject" or "object."
> Lucky for us, the differing interpretations yield the same sentence!
> "RIT"Daq isn't a subject, and it isn't an object, so it must be a header.
> As Krankor illustrated:
> [H*] [O] V [S]

Lucky for us, the differing interpretations yield the desired results.
Because TKD does not use the word "header," some might argue to stick to the 
explanations TKD does use.  I personally have been guilty as charged of 
expanding TKD explanations.  I have used other words to describe Klingon 
grammar than what we have seen in TKD.  This can be very helpful to 
TKD-learning-impaired newbies.  I feel that it is not wrong to explain in 
other ways that we find are truly helpful to persons trying to learn Klingon. 
 Meanwhile, I have learned to be extremely cautious when changing what TKD 
says.  Even when we change the words we use, we must be very good at not 
changing the concepts a jot or tittle.


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