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RE: Vaj'Hom

> A friend of mine, who has chosen Vaj'Hom as his
> persona name in a Star Trek community service club,
> insists this name means Little Warrior. I insist it
> means trainee or evenwannabe warrior because 'Hom is
> the dimunitive (turns "river" into "brook" and "Wind"
> into "breeze" right?)
> Who is correct?

As others have pointed out, it is his name, so he can do whatever he wants
with it...

Now, as far as the word  vajHom  is concerned, You're certainly on the right
track.  (As ghunchu'wI' pointed out, the "wannabe" would be better handled
with the suffix -qoq.)

In TKD(add) we have  mangHom  "cadet".  mang "soldier".

One idea that came to my mind was something like a boyscout.

Also note that vaj is "warrior" in the general (non-specific, not rank)
sense; warriorhood, or the idea of being a warrior.

"Little Warrior" would be [ SuvwI' mach ].

DloraH, BG

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