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Re: mobwI'

lab Elizabeth Chin :

 > got i want to learn it as ab lauguge. I have and qustion how do i get 
that e-mail > adress ?

The way to get an address is to join the Klingon Language 
Institute and then render some particular service to the organization such 
that you either need the address to carry out your duties, or the KLI 
officers see fit to reward you for your service with an address.

 > Alan Anderson <> wrote:
 > > ja' Elizabeth chin :
 > > OK mmmm U see I not a big fan i Just want to be ungiuce at my school 
so > > no one would what i talking about I go on e-bay and look up Klingon
 > > laugage books.

This may sound unnecessarily picky to you, but bear with me for a 
moment.  In Klingon, the correct spelling, capitalization and grammar are 
very important, often crucial to understanding, because Klingon is a very 
condensed language. As a first step to learning Klingon, and as a way of 
getting people here to take you more seriously, consider taking that care 
with your English spelling, capitalization and grammar.

Many KLI members are not big fans of Star Trek, so that's not a 
requirement.  Learning Klingon takes some effort, though.  You have to 
learn new concepts and memorize words and endings.  If you're willing to do 
that, then buy The Klingon Dictionary -- it's about $12 US new I think -- 
and then as you read it, come here and ask us questions.  If you're not 
willing to do that, we can't actually help you much.  There's no "trick" to 
learn, just a language.

- Qov 'utlh

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