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Re: tlhIngan Hol in Farscape

Yes I saw it.  It's hard for me to say if the dialogue resembled actual
tlhIngan Hol or not.  There was a-lot of background noise in that scene,
and I don't have closed captions.  I wrote it down as best as I could hear
it.  The dialogue went like this.

John Crichton (Earthman traped on distant side of the galaxy) and an alien
woman are on their ship which is being invaded by pirates who do resemble
Klingons somewhat.

Crichton: "Can we negotiate with these guys?"

Woman:	"That is not their way."

Crichton: "Then it's time for a show of force."

Woman: "If we had any!"

Crichton: (Yelling at the invaders) "No barol heruk!"  (Now speaking to
woman) "You didn't get that did you?  That's cause it's Klingon." (back at
invaders) "Time for you guys to clear out!"

Fire fight ensues.  While Crichton is shooting he shouts to the woman: "See
a show of force is the only things Klingons understand!"


At 05:25 PM 06/08/2002 EDT, you wrote:
>My wife just told me that last night John in Farscape used Klingon to sound 
>appropriately vile.  Did anyone here hear it?  What did he say, and how well 
>did he say it?
>lay'tel SIvten

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