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Re: jIlengqa'

From: "DloraH" <[email protected]>
> > loQ japangan Hol vIjatlhlaH 'ach jIpo'Ha'.
> I would have expected /jIpo'be'/.  When I saw /jIpo'Ha'/ the first image
> pop into my mind was you mis-experted... You became very good at what you
> thought was japanese, you were an expert at this language; but when you
> to Japan you found out you learned the wrong language.
> I know there are other ways to interpret this; this is what came in first.

maj.  jIQochbe', DloraH.  Dajbej qechlIj.  Daj mu'vam: <po'Ha'>.

Just thought that was cool.

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