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qepHom (was: =?windows-1252?Q?Saarbr=FCcken=20qepHom=20November?= )

lab Quvar:

>=?windows-1252?Q?Saarbr=FCcken=20qepHom=20November?= )

ngoqvam vIyajbe'.

>DaH qepHom jaj wIvmeH 'eb Qav qanob. QInmeyrajmo' jaj vIwIv. So now is the 
>last time I give you a choice. Based on your choice I will take the date 
>you tell me.

>a) - november 15-16-17
>b) - november 29-30-01

yIwIv SoH'e'. jIHvaD QaQ a) b) je.


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