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RE: Paramount

At 11:20 PM 7/30/02 Tuesday, you wrote:

>They have the most money, so they claim whatever they want.

and he with the best lawyers win.

I have often wondered what control of the language that they could actually 
control.  We could argue that since we are using the language outside of 
their Star Trek universe that those items they can not control.  BUT that 
would take a court case and a very good lawyer to defend the argument.  In 
the past paramount just looked the other way with what the fans did but in 
the last 5 years they have severely clamped down to the literal wording of 
the copyright laws.  Remember this point you can give away things that you 
write, say or produce on a computer, just don't try to sell anything.

Mr. Michael D. Stanley
Fiscal Assistant
IFAS Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

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