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Looking for PC font

I've purchased the font disc for PC but am in a real hurry to get the
.TTF files (see below). If someone has these in binary form on a PC,
would (s)he be kind enough to put them in a .zip file and e-mail them to
me? Lawrence Schoen tried to send them to me, but he uses a Mac, and the
files didn't arrive in a form usable by Windows.

Background: In the 1st edition of "Programming the Microsoft Windows
Driver Model" (Microsoft Press 1999), I alluded to the then attempt to
standardize the Unicode code points for the Klingon language. In the 2d
edition, I plan to quote a disgruntled reader's rude, and possibly
obscene, e-mail concerning the personal habits of those misguided ISO
folks who rejected the request. For that, I need the true-type font. My
editors are in a real hurry to get my final copy, hence the urgency of
this request.

P.S. Really a zip file -- my e-mail reader (NetScape) does not handle
them if they appear as simple text.

Walter Oney
Consulting and Training

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