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KLBC: -lu' and -be', small aside on Paul Simon

Can -lu' and -be' be used as -lu'be' to imply that there is no subject for a particular action, or that nobody 
does it? Perhaps an example will explain what I mean:
*Paul Simon* Sovlu'be'. noybe'.
No-one knows Paul Simon. He is not famous.

noy *Paul Simon*. 'ach Sovbe'lu'.
Paul Simon is famous. Even so, some people do not know him.

Is this usage possible? DuH'a' mu'tlheghmeyvam? Whether Sov can be used for to know as in to have 
heard of does not concern me at this time.

Speaking of Paul Simon...
qen *Paul Simon* *concert* vIja'.
qu'qu' 'oH.
qaStaHvIS *concert*, batlh bommeyDaj bom.
<juH lurgh ghoS> bom, *Liverpool*Daq qonpu'bogh ghaH.
cha' repmey cha'maH vagh tupmey je SIQ.
*guitar*mey law'qu' lo'.
po'bej qatwI'pu'Daj.
'ey ramvetlh QoQ.
wIghna' ghaH *Paul Simon*'e'.

Recently I mentioned a Paul Simon concert.
It was most wonderful. [The Klingon sounds like the beat to a certain song by Queen, but the English 
sounds like Bill and Ted.]
He sang with honour in the concert. He sang 'Homeward Bound', which he composed in Liverpool. [I 
wanted to say he composed it "last time he was in Liverpool", but couldn't work it out.]
He sang for two hours and 25 minutes. [Although slightly ugly, I deliberately expressed it like this because 
he looked as if he had "endured" the time: he is getting on a bit, and I was half-waiting for him to have a 
heart attack on stage...]
He used very many guitars. [Really: there were enough for one per person per song, and they kept bringing 
more on.]
His accompanists [three percussionists, two guitarists, two keyboardists who both also played the 
accordion, a trombonist who doubled as a fourth percussionist, a saxophonist who also played the clarinet, 
and a trumpeter who was also a whistler (or siffleur) and who in his spare time played the bugle, and at one 
point I remember someone picking up a banjo] were certainly expert.
That night's music was delicious. [mmm, perfect fifth...]
Paul Simon is a true genius.

Sulu' wa'
'u'wIj vuSmey Del HolwIj vuSmey
 - Ludwig Wittgenstein (almost)

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