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Re: ST: Insurection

>WORF: "Accelerated hair growth is often experienced by Klingons during
>PICARD: "Roughly translated 'puberty'. Although for a Klingon, that
>scarcely does it justice."
>Klingons also experience severe mood swings, unusual aggressive tendencies
>and the occasional *gorch* [pimple]. Worf also had the odd craving for the
>blood of a live *kolarr* beast. (ST: Insurrection)
>(N.B. These are not Okrandian tlhIngan Hol words, but what we on the list
>call "Paramount Hol".)

We can always hope that MO will provide the appropriate Hol equivalents.  To 
jump into the fiction for a second, there is a very high probability that 
words for these concepts exist in tlhIngan Hol, since one is an animal and 
the others are so closely associated with Klingon physiology.

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