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RE: "qel" yIqel

> >>> DIch vIghajbe', 'ach Dajqu' qechvetlh, 'ej tugh wIqelnIS. {{:-)
> >>we've considered qel before, but we could be talking about the weather
> >>and in my mind I could be considering the possibility of putting my
> >>knife in your chest.  What I'm considering and what I'm talking about
> >>are completely different.
> > Yes, exactly. And the issue that my meager example fails to
> demonstrate is
> > that "qel" can't always mean "talk about". But in the above sentence it
> can.
> > The idea here is to take existing words and combine them in novel ways,
> > possibly very different from those of familiar languages. But
> of course,
> > abandon the possibility of a one-to-one mapping. It'll never happen.
> > HISlaH, qarqu'. 'ej ghu' qay'mo' QIjmeH lujbogh chovnatlhwIj nap, "talk
> > about" 'oSlaHchu'be' "qel". 'ach mu'tlheghvetlhDaq 'oSlaHbej. mu'mey
> > Daghovbogh DalIq, tlheghmey chu'Daq bIH Darar, 'e' 'oH
> Qu'na''e'. ghaytan
> pIm
> > tlheghmeyvetlh, tlheghmey'e' je chaw'bogh Holmey DaSovbogh.
> 'ach 'ay'mey
> > rarchu'ghach yItulQo'. DuHbe'ba'.
> 'ej DuH wIneHbe'chu'taH. DuHchugh vaj Dogh Holmaj 'ej Dal 'ej lI'Ha'chu'.
> nov Hol rurmo' tlhIngan Hol, Daj 'oH 'ej vIHaD.

vIneHbe' je.  jIjatlh neH [Qapchu'be' /qel/ mu'].  DIvI' Hol mu' 'oSchu'bogh
tlhIngan Hol mu'  vInejbe'.


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