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RE: "qel" yIqel

>> DIch vIghajbe', 'ach Dajqu' qechvetlh, 'ej tugh wIqelnIS. {{:-)

>we've considered qel before, but we could be talking about the weather and
>in my mind I could be considering the possibility of putting my knife in
>your chest.  What I'm considering and what I'm talking about are completely

Yes, exactly. And the issue that my meager example fails to demonstrate is 
that "qel" can't always mean "talk about". But in the above sentence it can. 
The idea here is to take existing words and combine them in novel ways, 
possibly very different from those of familiar languages. But of course, 
abandon the possibility of a one-to-one mapping. It'll never happen.

HISlaH, qarqu'. 'ej ghu' qay'mo' QIjmeH lujbogh chovnatlhwIj nap, "talk 
about" 'oSlaHchu'be' "qel". 'ach mu'tlheghvetlhDaq 'oSlaHbej. mu'mey 
Daghovbogh DalIq, tlheghmey chu'Daq bIH Darar, 'e' 'oH Qu'na''e'. ghaytan pIm 
tlheghmeyvetlh, tlheghmey'e' je chaw'bogh Holmey DaSovbogh. 'ach 'ay'mey 
rarchu'ghach yItulQo'. DuHbe'ba'.

Andrew Strader

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