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Re: similes

Am 17.07.2002 02:09:30, schrieb "David Trimboli" <>:

>Hee!  There's another of those little hidden rules: you can't put a Type 7
>suffix on the second verb of a Sentence As Object . . . .  (TKD 6.2.5)

first, this looked weird to me.
But actually, this is the same as the {neH}-case, with the example of {vIjonta' vIneH} "I wanted to 
capture them". I used to think this is only for {neH}, but it's for all {blabla 'e' vlabla} 

vIjonta' vIneH
this means only one thing: I wanted to capture them
(literally: I want that I have captured them)

Dajonta' 'e' vISov
--> so this can mean two things:
  "I know that you have captured them"
  "I knew that you capture them"



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