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Re: Future tense/"going to"

I hope that hasn t been discussed/answered already - if so, I
apologize.(BTW: Is there a simple way to search the mail archive?)

>So, is there a simple way of saying it, or would I have to rephrase it
>using "tugh"(soon) or related?

I will explain this to you, but only after you learn a lot more Klingon.

mIwvam qaQIj, tagha' tlhIngan Hol SovlIjvaD De' law' Dachelpu'DI'.

I was going to explain it to you right away, but then I thot some examples 
would be more enlightening.

SIbI' qaQIjrup, 'ach vI'aghmeH Qu' lI' law', vIQIjmeH Qu' lI' puS, ghIq 'e' 

--ghuy'Do wa'

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