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RE: "startrek" tlhIngan Quj

net pItlh

I've tried the compatability setting on the executable. Gives the same
error. It might not be a nicely behaved application, like a lot of
Windows 98 appsplications. Trying to access resources directly instead
of through the approved API layer.

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From: Eric Andeen [mailto:[email protected]] 
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Subject: RE: "startrek" tlhIngan Quj

From: "SIqar" <[email protected]>
> "Windows XP" Qap "startrek" tlhIngan Quj chay'?
> Does anyone know how to get the Star Trek Klingon game to work with 
> Windows XP?

> DuHbe'law'.  "Windows 3.1" "Windows 95" "Windows 98" ghap DapoQ. (chaq

> Qap "Windows ME".)  Qapbe' "Windows NT" "Windows 2000" "Windows XP" 
> ghap.

> pablIj lughmoH DloraH 'e' vIchaw'.

> I believe Star Trek: Klingon does not work under an NT-based kernel. 
> That includes Windows XP.

chaq QaplaH vay'. jech'eghlaH "Windows 2000", "Windows XP" je. latlh
"Windows" mIw rur'eghmoHlaHlaw'. mIwvamvaD "Application compatibility
mode" ponglu'law'. chaQ Qap; chaq Qapbe'.


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