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qepHom in Saarbrucken

Greetings European Klingonists!

This is a re-call for the upcoming qepHom in Saarbrücken, Germany.

So far, nine people told me they would be "interested" to participate the qepHom.
But that was not a definite registration.
But I'm sure that more will come when more people are coming.
And the more people, the more fun!

You don't have to speak klingon in order to go there,
You go there to learn klingon!

The program is from friday afternoon until sunday afternoon.
We'll do some games like DIjchu', 'Iv jIH (known from the qep'a'), curse warfare. 
And of course we'll practice most of the useful phrases we can uses during a qepHom, or other places like 
the restaurant.
Maybe we can go downtown, or watch a movie (german or english possible).

the planned date of the qepHom wwill be at the end of october 2002.
Place is Saarbrücken, in the Southwest of Germany, close to Luxemburg.

Room rates for two days range from 34 Euro to 54 Euro, depending on the number of people per room, what we 
eat and how many we are.

So, again, think about it, or tell it to people you know that might be interested.
This is the opportunity to meet Klingonists and to improve your klingon.
To really see and *hear* how klingon is alive!

Quvar valer
Lieven L. Litaer

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