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RE: Damn Capitalization

'ach "english" Hol jatlhwI'vaD SaHbe' tlhIngan.
(but a klingon doesn't care for the english speakers.)



>But they are not TOTALLY arbitrary... they *ARE* somewhat phonetic to a
>native-English speaker.
>Stardate 2528.4
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>>  From: Stephan Schneider []
>>  Sent: Tuesday, July 09, 2002 14:39
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>>  Subject: Re: Damn Capitalization
>>  >Well, I understand that sporadical captialization can be a nuisance.
>>  >But that shouldn't affect your writing after a while. In
>>  other words:
>>  >get used to it. FYI: since my native language is german, I'd tend to
>>  >capitalize many words that aren't in english(or klingon), or, when
>>  >writing german, I sometimes forget about capitalizing words.
>>  >
>>  >Beside that, how would you want to change it? The letters
>>  used are an
>>  >almost perfect representation of what they are supposed to
>>  be. Chosing
>>  >an "x" for "tlh" or similiar doesn t help anyone.
>>  >
>>  >If you would really change the writing system - what's next?
>>  >Eliminating the article("the") because it isn't necessary?
>>  After all,
>>  >klingon work's without.
>>  >
>>  >Klingon's supposed to be a foreign language - and foreign languages
>>  >usually have different phonetics and writing systems. If
>>  you're going
>>  >to learn german, you'll have to get used to
>>  "umlauts"(strange word) too
>>  >- you can't replace them through other letters either.
>>  but there's a difference (again).
>>  the klingon letters are arbitrary. it could be any letters, as
>  > klingons don't use them.
>  >
>  > sts.
>  >

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