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Re: Klingon names

Qelra' wrote:

>Thanks Ca'Non,
>P.S. What does "Voragh" mean?

It doesn't mean anything.  When I was choosing a Klingon name form myself, 
I decided against transliterating or, worse, translating "Steven 
Boozer".  That would have resulted in something like {mIv'a' chechwI'} 
"crown drunkard" (Steven/Stephen < Greek *stephanos* "crown")!  Instead, I 
combined two names I heard in two different TNG episodes:  Vagh and 
Moragh.  I like it and it sounds like a name you might actually hear on the 

>                             Please forgive all the vocab questions, but
>as of now, I don't have access to TKD. "I do not fear asking questions."
>(Klingon voice.)

qay'be'. (It's not a problem. No problem.)

bIghelbe'chugh vaj bIghojbe'.  (If you don't ask, then you won't learn.)


Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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