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Re: Klingon names

Chelsea writes:

>Hmm. I thought it was some kind of greeting, because the person that
>wrote it had it like this: "ghItlh Qelra'" at the beginning of an email
>to me.

Nope. It's a citation:  {ghItlh Qelra'} "Qelra' writes".

   Indeed, the verb {ghItlh} is most commonly translated as
   "write," but it always refers to the act of writing--that
   is, of making marks on some surface--not to the act of
   composition. Its use in the contexts of both sculpting and
   writing suggests that writing began as carving. (KGT p.79)

Most of us assume that {ghItlh} is also used for the mechanical act of 
typing on a keyboard.

For the "act of composition" we have another verb: {qon} "compose, create a 
composition, write".  {qon} is also the verb for "record".

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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