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Re: *Italian* jatlhwI'pu'vaD *TKD* chenmoHlu''a'?

Hallo everybody from Italy
Unfortunately it is not.

here in Italy reading about Klingon is a good English exercise.....


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  Sent: Friday, July 12, 2002 8:56 PM
  Subject: *Italian* jatlhwI'pu'vaD *TKD* chenmoHlu''a'?

  I have a friend from Italy who is interested in getting an Italian version of 
  TKD.  He is considering getting the English version for himself, but would 
  prefer it in Italian.  Is there an Italian version available?

   *Italy* Dab jupwI' 'ej *Italian TKD* neH.  *English TKD* Suq 'e' qel, 'ach 
  *Italian TKD* maS.  *Italian* jatlhwI'pu'vaD *TKD* chenmoHlu''a'?


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